Import Data

Common Uses

Submitting student contacts from high school visits, fairs or events.


Data fields included on the white card must be included. Please see below template.

Project Timeline

It will take 14 business days following submission for you data to be captured in Slate.

Roles & Responsibilities


  • Complete import file fields.
  • Access the SRM Helpdesk directly to create a ticket and attach your file. 


  • Liaison between college/department and Enrollment Management Systems & Communication.

Enrollment Management Systems & Communication:

  • Ensures data is imported.

Before You Submit...

  1. Review Common Uses & Timeline

    Review the common uses & timeline information listed above. 

  2. Learn How to Submit a Ticket

    PowerPoint: Learn How to Make an SRM Request

  3. Download Import Data Template

    Download data template and follow instructions below.

If you have recently collected student information at an event and would like it imported into Slate, please do the following:

  1. Download the Import Data Template and populate all "Required Fields." If you have any extra information, please feel free to populate the "Preferred Fields" section, as well. In fact, we encourage it!*
  2. Once you have completed all required fields, please submit your data via direct ticket submission at

*A few of the fields available on the template are connected to a drop-down menu. These options are to serve as a guide for acceptable values for that particular field.

  • College/Department (If your college or department is not listed, please feel free to fill in the correct value)
  • Academic Interest
  • Text Opt-In
  • Interested in Honors
  • Interested in SALT
  • Funnel Status
  • Interaction Code
  • Interaction Subject