Admissions Student Data

Aggregated data at your fingertips


The right data can make all the difference in your efforts to attract and enroll the right students for your college or department. When you request admissions student data from Enrollment Management, you will be provided with aggregate data, student level data will not be provided through this request.

Here’s a look at examples of the data Enrollment Management can provide:

  • How many prospects do we have in Maricopa County?
  • What was the return on investment (ROI) on a our postcard campaign?

Timeline for Admissions Student Data Requests: 14 business days 

Before You Submit...

  1. Review Common Uses & Timeline

    Review the common uses & timeline information listed above. 

  2. Learn How to Submit a Ticket

    PowerPoint: Learn How to Make an SRM Request

What Can Admissions Student Data Do for You?

When you provide a clear understanding and vision for the data you need to Enrollment Management, you can receive targeted information that’s essential to your strategy.

For more information about admissions student data and to make a request, visit the admissions student data request page.

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