Enrollment Journey

The journey to becoming a Wildcat starts long before a student steps on campus. From building awareness to personalized recruiting, the enrollment process at Arizona is a multi-pronged approach designed to attract and enroll the ideal future Wildcats. Enrollment Management and its divisions provide the services and support colleges and partners at Arizona need to make it happen.

Here’s a look at the journey our Wildcats take — from the first connection to the first day.

The Results

With the support of Enrollment Management and its divisions, the University of Arizona is achieving record-breaking results. Take a look at the numbers for first-year students in Fall 2022.

51,000+ Applicants The most in Arizona history
9,091 Enrollment

Our Efforts

Here are some of the ways we helped prospective students transition to Wildcats.

70 million+ Email messages sent
92,000+ Proactive phone calls
850,000+ Text message interactions
27,000+ Campus Tour Attendees
2,000+ High School Visits
3,900+ Meetings with Students and Families