Email Lists & Campaigns

Connect digitally with admitted students

Email support from Enrollment Management helps you deliver information about your college to admitted students directly to their inbox. When you work with Enrollment Management to connect with prospective students via email, you receive guided support and resources, such as:

  • Messaging guidance, if needed
  • Designed and developed emails 
  • A curated list of recipients
  • Quality control support that ensures emails are displaying correctly and free of content errors


How Email Support Helps You Reach Your Enrollment Goals

Enrollment Management helps your college create strategic emails aimed at encouraging your students to enroll at Arizona. The support of Enrollment Management ensures your email campaign won’t interfere with other recruitment efforts and, instead, showcases messaging that will get prospective students excited about joining your college.

Timeline for Email Requests: 14 business days 

Before You Submit...

  1. Review Common Uses & Timeline

    Review the common uses & timeline information listed above. 

  2. Learn How to Submit a Ticket

    PowerPoint: Learn How to Make an SRM Request

Get the information and support you need for a successful email campaign by making an email request.

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