Dan Kellish

Senior Associate Director, Undergraduate Recruitment

Dan Kellish serves as the Senior Associate Director for Arizona Recruitment in the Office of Admissions at the University of Arizona. Having worked in various roles at the university since 2012, Dan now oversees the recruitment strategy and efforts for first-year and transfer students throughout the state of Arizona. Alongside a team of eighteen passionate recruitment professionals working with communities, students, families, supporters, administrators, and counselors, Dan is fortunate to call Arizona his adoptive home state.
A native of the Midwest, Dan earned his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at The Ohio State University (OSU). During his time at OSU, he found himself gravitating to student leadership and roles within student affairs, leading a mentor to suggest a path of Higher Education. Venturing just one state over, Dan completed his Master of Arts in Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education at Ball State University, cementing his love for the role that large public universities play in enriching students’ and communities’ lives. 
As a leader, Dan enjoys finding new and efficient ways to bring the university to more students throughout the state of Arizona and innovate the strategy, community and school relationships, and outreach efforts through intentional data-driven practice. Outside of the office, you will find Dan trying new, local restaurants, outdoors in the garden or hiking throughout Arizona (especially in the warm and sunny winters!).